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Our Mission - A Farm Sanctuary


The Good Shepherd Animal Sanctuary is a 501 (c)(3) Organization dedicated to improving the lives of all sentient creatures. We live and operate on the belief that no animal should live in traumatic situations, fighting for survival. We hope to open, dissect and end the concept of speciesism and bring about conversations of compassion, both for human, and non human animals. We are a faith based organization, allowing our efforts to be guided by God above for a healthier planet. All creatures together. All the same.

Assist us with the financial needs of caring for some of the most exploited animals on earth. Your donation ensures all of our animals are safe from harm, hunger and trauma. Thank you.

Donations Accepted.

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EIN: 82-5016366

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Tours are open from May to October Every Year. These are guided tours where you may see the facility and hear stories of rescue.

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