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Sponsor an Animal

Benefits to Sponsors:

Thank you for considering sponsoring one of our residents!

Sponsorships can be billed annually or monthly. Monthly sponsors will be billed at $15 per month. Monthly Sponsors receive a sticker, whereas our Annual Sponsors receive a certificate, photo, occasional seasonal update and sticker. 

Please be aware, our  annual sponsorships are priced to cover most non emergent costs of the animal based on size to portray the actual needs of each animal . Thus there is a financial achievability for every income. Thank you for understanding.

The Compassion Wall


Donate $500 Annually to any of our sponsor animals and receive your name on our Wall of Compassion as well as all other benefits!

Thank you to our 2023 Compassion Partners.

Smith & Smith Law Office


Annual $220

Abby was rescued from a Hobby farm. She loves racing the cars along the fence for visitors.


Sponsored By Robyn C.

Anthony took a jump to freedom off a slaughter truck at just 8 lbs. He's quite the talker and loves people!


Annual $170

Fiona was rescued from a hoarding case in Dayton. She's shy but loves her family. Out of her siblings she is the smallest.


Annual $300

Tate was rescued as a calf from being sold to a veal farm. He now lives happily with his herd, and is always first to the round bale feeder for food time!


Sponsored by Kellie L.

Smokie ended up at a amish slaughter auction. He was rescued just in time to spend Christmas in Sanctuary safe and warm.


Annual $300

Jallie was rescued from living in a 8 foot by 8 foot stall with chronic laminitis. She is called "Spicy Pony" affectionately by the volunteers.


Annual $170

Jagger was rescued from a hobby farm. He is a medical mystery having an elusive cryptorchid testicle. He's a funny old guy.


Annual $170

Ziggy was our first resident. He is our oldest potbelly pig and loves everyone. His favorite snacks are crunchy biscuits.


Annual $170

Olivia was rescued with her twin brother Bennett who suffered birth defects. She was very small but has now grown in to a big and healthy young lady.


Annual $170

Ethel was rescued from neglect. She's a sassy old gal who bosses around the herd. She is Eddie's twin sister.


Annual $170

Maizie was rescued after being attacked by a dog. She survived her injuries and is now one of the sweetest goats. She has long fur we call her pantaloons on her legs.


Annual $170

Kevin was sold under the myth of being a "micro pig" He was surrendered for behaviors conducive to being sepatrated from mom too young. He now lives at the Sanctuary with his pig family.


Sponsored by Allie P.

Wizzy was surrendered due to a tumor of increasing size on his neck. He had surgery to remove it and now lives comfortably in Sanctuary in the bunny yard.


Annual $70

Delilah was rescued from a homestead. She is a Momma's girl and loves lap cuddles.


Annual $70

Sawyer was rescued out of a parking lot after he was released for a ceremony. He is now safe in Sanctuary with his mate Keegan.


Sponsored by Amy K.

Arnie was rescued from a hobby farm. He loves belly rubs and treats.


Annual $220

Malinda lived for six months as a piglet in a horse trailer covered in feces. Now she loves belly rubs and sunsets.


Annual $170

Pippy was rescued from a hoarding case in Dayton. She is a mousy little pig who loves snacks and always has a tail wag.


Sponsored by Victoria I.

Andre was rescued from being sent to a veal farm as a calf. He now lives happily with his herd and loves to chase the side by side.


Sponsored by Kellie L.

JoJo was rescued from an amish slaughter auction. He made it to Sanctuary just in time to spend Christmas safe and warm.


Annual $170

Randall was rescued after being sold to an unsuspecting family as a "micro pig". He is now 250 lbs and has a condition called Dippity Pig. He is comfortable and happy.


 Sponsored By Brett

and Allie D.

Axle was rescued from a hobby farm. He has an auto immune disorder but doesn't let that get him down. He is a sweet goat who loves sitting on the top of the play ground.


Sponsored By Dave P.

Pepper was rescued from a domestic abuse household. She now resides with her herd and loves belly rubs and seeks female companionship most.


Sponsored by Allie P.

Wednesday was rescued from a 4 H breeder with contracted tendons. After PT and lots of appointments she is now fully mobile and a very friendly goat!


Annual $170

Spencer was rescued from neglect. He is a vocal goat who loves treats and the Shep Daddy Jase.


Sponsored By Greer and Matt B.

Carl was an owner surrender due to size and lack of socialization. He is a quirky but grumpy guy who prefers his space.


Annual $70

Caer was surrendered after her companion was also surrendered for a tooth abcess. She now lives with her bestie Steve-O in the bunny yard.


Annual $70

Bun Bun was rescued after an irresponsible breeder wanted help. He now resides in Sanctuary as the smallest bunny in the rabbit yard.


Annual $70

Audrey was rescued after being abandoned by her previous caretaker. She now is safe in Sanctuary and loves roosting and fresh green grass.


Annual $70

Keegan was rescued after being abandoned during a ceremonial release. She now lives safe in Sanctuary with her mate, Sawyer.


Sponsored by Sam Z.

Charles was rescued after being shot in the face. He loves naps in the sunshine and bananas.


Annual $220

Sadie lived for six months as a piglet in a horse trailer covered in feces. Now she is top hog in the herd.


Annual $170

Freddie was rescued from a hoarding case in Dayton. He now lives with his herd and loves belly rubs and lazy summer days.


Annual $300

ZuZu's recue is featured in our documentary Reborn Through Rescue. She has taken the boys under her wing and loves to groom and lay with them.


Annual $300

Cosmo was rescued from the horse racing industry. He now lives retired in Sanctuary with his best girlfriend Roxy.


Annual $170

Stella was rescued after suffering a broken pelvis. She underwent surgery to repair it and now lives happily with our special needs potbelly Randy.


Sponsored by Sue D.

Anna was rescued from a back yard butcher. She now lives with our special needs goats and is quiet and reserved.


Annual $170

Fred was rescued from neglect, he is now one of our most human oriented goats who loves companionship and pets.


Annual $170

Eddie was rescued from neglect. He is one of the friendliest goats and one of the first intakes at The Shep.


Annual $170

Fritzi was rescued from a dairy where she suffered from an unknown skin condition. She was diagnosed with Pemphigus Iliaceus. She is now on the road to recovery and lives with our special needs goat herd.


Annual $170

Grekin was an owner surrender due to size and lack of socialization. He is the first to the hay feeder and loves snacks like bread and biscuits.


Annual $70

Steve-O was rescued after being dumped with twelve other rabbits in a parking lot in Toledo. He now lives with his companion Caer in the rabbit yard.


Annual $70

Sven was rescued from an industrial turkey farm. He is now safe in Sanctuary and learning all about the big beautiful world we live in.

IMG_1849 (1).jpg

Annual $70

Sara was rescued after being abandoned by her previous caretaker. She is now safe in Sanctuary and loves hanging with her sister and cuddles.


Click to Sponsor Hank

Sponsored by Terri K.

Hank was found wandering around a nearby town and now serves as the honorary grandpa of the sanctuary.

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