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The Good Shepherd Animal Sanctuary is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of all sentient creatures. TGSAS is a 501 (C)(3) Sanctuary in Neapolis Ohio. Hours are by appointment only.

PO Box 563 Neapolis Ohio 43547

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Elle Cox Founder/President

Elle has been rescuing animals ever since she could pull worms from puddles and bury them in her Mother's Garden. Growing up with a love for all God's creatures, she dreamed of opening a Sanctuary where no animal would be turned away. She started TGSAS in the spring of 2018 after purchasing a nearly six acre property. With support from her friends, family and a God ordained mission, she aims to help human animal relations through education, enrichment, rehabilitation and rescue.

When not working with TGSAS she enjoys spending time with family, and at the Hot Rod Shop her Husband owns called Lead Foot Customs just a few streets away from TGSAS HQ.

Colleen Wilson Founder/Treasurer

Colleen joined the mission of TGSAS after feeling a strong sense of faith in the ministry. Her and her husband have three dogs, a cat and a flock of backyard chickens. Despite being allergic to cats she loves her feline friend, she enjoys helping out and volunteering  with the many different animals TGSAS has in their care. She simply knows to keep the allergy meds close at hand!


When not working with her administrative duties at TGSAS, Colleen loves to bake, spend time with her husband and dogs, and teaches at a local school

Emilee Kosicki Founder/ Secretery

Emilee is just as enthusiastic about saving animals as she is her beautiful family! Mother of four, (And multiple fur and feathered.) She enjoys lending her skills and background in grooming, training and fostering animals to TGSAS.  She spends a lot of her time fostering for the sanctuary, and donating her time and hands in any other way the mission needs.

When not working with TGSAS, Emilee loves The Walking Dead, Holistic Living, and Homesteading. She is a Rep with Usborne Books & More and loves to travel.

Jocelyn Jones  

Jocelyn is attending school to be a veterinary technician. She joined TGSAS in the summer of 2018 to help further the mission of helping animals. She enjoys volunteering her time with the horses, and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She is excited for her future as a veterinary technician and enjoys lending her skills to the Sanctuary in any way she can.

When not working, schooling or volunteering with TGSAS, She spends time with her family, enjoys country music and hanging out with her friends.

Dallas Goerlich

Dallas is an avid animal rights advocate and joined TGSAS in 2019 after realizing the farm was in the same town he lived in. After adopting one of  The Good Shepherd's foster kittens, Dallas went on to continue to volunteer and lend his talents on the board of directors.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar, long boarding and spending time with his TGSAS Baby Phoebe.

Judi Irion

Judi joined the mission of TGSAS in it's second year of operation after being a huge supporter of it's initial inception. She assists with all aspects of the charity, and helps pull everyone together as a family. She has multiple dogs and is excited to live in the country on a small homestead with her Son and Daughter in Law.

When not working with TGSAS, Judi enjoys riding her motorcycle, being with her family and traveling to wonderful destinations all around the world.

Ashley Vogt

Ashley has been a part of the foster and rescue community for over ten years. Her skills rehabilitating, fostering and rescuing cats is a key component to TGSAS. She joined the team in early 2020 and is excited to hone and develop her skills in the world of animal rescue and advocacy. Her passion for animal right's branches far beyond just felines, also doing her best to live a cruelty free lifestyle.

When not with TGSAS, Ashley enjoys adventures with friends, trying new recipes, and deepening her walk with Jesus.