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It's Time To Celebrate Volunteers

Volunteers are as important to The Good Shepherd, and the health of our residents as funds and feed. Without the labor intensive and compassionate care of the hands that complete necessary tasks, The Shep would suffer a slow and painful demise. Volunteering is a selfless way to get outside yourself, learn new skills, make lifelong connections and start your journey to a more thoughtful and intentional life.

The Sanctuary holds two yearly orientations where we welcome new team members, discuss our programs, the roles volunteers have and even dine together on amazing vegan food. This November 11th 2023, the menu is going to be a creamy vegan potato soup with bread and fruit platter. A wonderful addition to the fall season. If you have been debating getting involved, Orientation (Nov 11th) is a wonderful time to stop out and meet our team.

In this photo, team leads Nic , Kaitlin, Tahaney, and volunteers Ashley, Angie and Jenna completed adult First Aid and CPR as well as Animal I.Crisis Illness and Injury Response Training.


Not every day is full of sunshine and rainbows in Sanctuary life. Sometimes the weather does not cooperate, animals pass on from the earthly realm which can be emotionally taxing, and the work can be hard. However together we overcome it all and work towards the future we all want to see for animals. One where all creatures are safe, respected and have rights they so deserve.

Just 25 minutes from Toledo, nestled happily between Grand Rapids and Swanton, Neapolis is an easy reach from most major Toledo area cities to make for a rural Sanctuary experience like no other. Scoop poop with the cows and learn their unconditional love for their herd mates, watch the goats run and play, or enjoy a calm afternoon lounging with the pigs. The Good Shepherd Animal Sanctuary has a task for everyone, and we welcome all demographics.


The Good Shepherd Animal Sanctuary would like to honor Tahaney A. as our 2023 Volunteer of the Year. Tahaney has served at The Sanctuary for two years and has been a Team Lead for half of this duration. Tahaney is a fun, loving, and forward thinking individual. Without her efforts The Good Shepherd would not be the same.

Tahaney will be honored with a certificate and special gift at our November Orientation.


To join us next month, please sign up by visiting our website page "Get Involved"

We hope to meet you and welcome you to our team!

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