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A minstry to help lost, abused, neglected animals find comfort and care. To educate citizens on their duties to be good stewards of creation. TGSAS is a 501 (C)(3) Sanctuary in Neapolis Ohio. Hours are by appointment only.

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The Good Shepherd Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3)  organization dedicated to improving the lives of all sentient creatures.

Founded in March 2018, The Good Shepherd was created with the vision in mind that no animal should be harmed, abandoned or fighting to survive. The task, although big was taken on by three friends with a vision to make a difference. TGSAS now serves in multiple counties in Ohio providing a sanctuary to farm animals, foster and adoption and counseling for pet owners who may be facing the surrender of their beloved pets.

Among a passion for spay and neuter, veganism, animal advocacy and more, TGSAS and its ambassadors aim to improve the lives of not only animals, but people.

Some of the animals at TGSAS are residents who will live out their lives at the Sanctuary, providing education, advocacy and companionship. Others are part of our adoption program. To learn more visit out program page located in the top menu!

Please stay tuned for some amazing new programs in 2020.