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A minstry to help lost, abused, neglected animals find comfort and care. To educate citizens on their duties to be good stewards of creation. TGSAS is a 501 (C)(3) Sanctuary in Neapolis Ohio. Hours are by appointment only.

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Would you like to be involved in changing the world by saving lives? Fostering animals who are searching for their forever home is a fantastic and rewarding way to make a difference. 

  • Vet care is at no cost to you. Medical procedures, medications, surgeries and vaccines are all paid for by TGSAS.

  • Volunteers can assist in transporting animals.

  • TGSAS Fosters get first dibs on adoption, and a discount.

  • You can put a timeline on how long and what type of animal you wish to foster.

  • To be a part of our amazing unit of loving foster homes, apply today. Other Programs:

  • Trap Neuter Release Assistance/ Humane Trap Rental

  • Volunteer Programs

  • Education to avoid owner surrenders.

  • Adoption Events

  • Rescue and Rehabilitation

  • Microchip Scanning

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